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Under HIPAA, if you see patients in an office you must prominently display your Notice of Privacy Practices in publicly accessible areas of your facility. (This includes such facilities as medical offices, optical stores, clinics, assisted living facilities, any permanent place of business where you see patients.)

HIPAAeasy’s posters are personalized with your practice information and other Notice content to match your Privacy Notices. They use the same graphics as our Deluxe Notice.

Because they must be displayed in the public areas of the facility they are designed to be esthetically pleasing. Printed in full color, the Posters are attractive and engaging, meant to go with your décor. They’re suitable for framing or placing directly on the wall.

The poster sets include posters in two sizes, 22x28 and 12x18. We’ve designed the larger posters to be placed in the Waiting Room. The smaller posters can be placed in treatment rooms, consultation offices, part-time satellite offices, anywhere your space is limited.

(NOTE: If you only see patients in house-call or in-patient settings which are not your own, you do not need these posters.) We can help you decide which kit and quantities are right for your practice.

You can also call us at 1-800-995-2001. We’re happy to answer all your questions.

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