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Your Responsibilities
HIPAA requires that an agreement must be in place between covered entities (Medical Practices) and their Business Associates (who are not covered entities themselves) to whom you may disclose Protected Health Information (PHI) in order for them to carry out services for your practice in the ordinary course of business.

Business Associates must agree to the same set of privacy safeguards as the Medical Practice. Importantly, they must document and log any disclosures they make, and supply those documents when you demand them.

Examples of Business Associates that must agree:

Billing Services
Transcription Services
Collection Agencies
Computer Consultants
DME Suppliers
Answering Service
Accreditation and Review Agencies

How We Help You Comply

If your patient requests an Accounting Of Disclosures from you (as is their right under HIPAA) you must include in that accounting the disclosures made by your Business Associates.

Our BAA also requires that your Associates inform you of any such disclosures at the time of the disclosure. This simplifies your disclosure accounting responsibilities. No other BAA contains this requirement. (HIPAA allows your patient to request an accounting of disclosures going back six years, from 4-14-03 forward. Imagine trying to get all your past and present Business Associates to provide you with accountings years after the disclosures were made. Our BAA keeps your practice fully informed on all the disclosures you may someday need to account for.) This is just another example of features that make our products truly HIPAAeasy.

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