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Written by the creators of The HIPAAeasy System, the Manual makes the System easy to use in both common and uncommon situations.

Common situations. Your practice will be giving out the Notice of Privacy Practices to every patient. You'll need to obtain the patient's signature on an Acknowledgement of Receipt at that time. Even during this common phase of the HIPAA process you will encounter some special situations -- our Receipt will help you deal with these situations and the manual will help the Practice workforce become familiar with how to deal with these situations. The manual will also help the workforce, and those training the workforce, in the usage of green and red chart labels and privacy posters. Finally, the manual will guide you in the usage, and importance, of the Business Associate Agreement.

Uncommon Situations

Uncommon situations will arise, often when you least expect them to. You can hardly be expected to be an expert in the ways of dealing with situations you encounter infrequently. These situations are handled with the HIPAAeasy Administrative Forms. The forms contain the guidance you'll need to respond to special situations, and the manual will guide you in the use of administrative forms. Special situations include:

  • Special communications requests from the patient (a new right granted to patients under HIPAA).
  • Requests to amend PHI (including the original request, the process for determining whether to grant the request and the response to the requester).
  • Privacy complaints (including complaints, investigations and responses).
  • PHI disclosures (including obtaining permission and logging.)
  • Fax security (part of the administrative safeguards required by HIPAA).

Easy As ABC

The manual contains large color illustrations of each item. Since each form has a unique color it's easy to find them using the manual. The forms also each have a unique identifying letter. Progressing through the identifying letters, the manual explains how they organize the forms into a simple, logical system.

In both common and uncommon situations the HIPAAeasy Implementation and Training Manual will greatly simplify your compliance with federal HIPAA regulations.

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